Mio Gelato Idea!

The main philosophy of this Cafe came from the founders sense of adventure in making New tastes. The first rule of thumb in making a tasty dessert is respecting your favorites. In Mio Gelato you will enjoy, making desserts that are made by you, based on your favorites. 

Mio Gelato is a self service dessert shop. It was first formed based on Italian recipes of its  Norwegian Founders and later the concept became wide spread in CEE. 

Select Your Base

Add Natural Toppings

Mix it with Fruits, and Ice cream

Enjoy it with Coffee and Tea.

Our Main Value

We value customers tastes and respect their innovative ideas in design of the tastes. 

Tastes that you make

Home Made recipes

Our suppliers in each country are the home made ingredient producers which make their products under our supervision, and based on the toughest hygienic regulations. 

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