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Franchise Model of MioGelato

Why Mia Gelato’s?

Expert Guidance

Establishing a small business on your own can be tough. This is why many choose to go with an established brand. At Mia Gelato, we have an incredible culture that focuses on our franchisees’ success. Riding on several decades of franchising experience with our parent company, we have developed a system that will help you jump-start your business and provide you with a competitive advantage in your market. As a franchisee, you will have access to all of our support systems and expertise as well as our trade secrets and unique strategies.

Comprehensive Support System

We provide you with an excellent business model which includes all the necessary training and assistance you’ll need to create a thriving business. Our staff includes experts in real estate, construction, training, operations and marketing.

Trade Area Development

We help you identify a suitable trade area in your region in which to search for your location.

Buying Power

Our constant efforts and economies of scale help keep product costs low and consistent product available. Additionally, you will benefit from Mia Gelato’s brand recognition and the integrity of the Mia Gelato name

Quality Product

Mia Gelato’s premium and top-quality distinctive flavors are developed by some of the most knowledgeable yogurt innovators in the industry. Our product is certified to contain live and active cultures to promote good health, plus its creamy texture, original flavors and extensive toppings have been praised by the masses as the best tasting and highest quality frozen yogurt available. The Mia Gelato name assures your customers that they can expect the same great quality frozen yogurt time after time.

Site Selection

We are aligned with the top brokers in the country and will assist in finding you the right local support to identify your location. These brokers work closely with our real estate team to understand the specific requirements of a frozen yogurt location. You will be accompanied through this process by our Development department who will be with you every step of the way.

Other Services

We have a roster of national and regional General Contractors who are approved to provide construction services. We will also work with your preferred contractor to see that they have all of the details they need to get the job done right and on time!

Our in-house designer will work with you to establish the best floorplan for your site and help to communicate all the necessary information to a dedicated architect to get your plans done quickly and efficiently.

Initial Training Certification

Prior to the opening of your store, we provide training by one of our approved instructors.

Ongoing Training and Support

We have a dedicated team that will assist you with ongoing training and support issues. Help is never more than a phone call away.


Review of Store Performance

Assistance beyond marketing in how to work toward increasing sales on a continual basis.

Evaluation of P&L’s

Identifying areas to improve through the analysis of your Profit and Loss statements, looking for areas where improvements can be made on the financial side of managing the business.

Ongoing Coaching

Ongoing coaching and training as well as periodic visits from our support team


Grand Opening Strategy

We will work with you to prepare a comprehensive grand opening strategy to help launch the opening of your store with the largest impact possible.

Local Store Marketing

We’ll appoint a Business Coach who will work with you on an ongoing basis to help ensure the best use and success of your marketing budget, as well as assist with implementation of your own innovative marketing ideas

Depending on the Plan that fits your need, from 7000 euro up to 15,000 Euro will be the Lump Sum fee. 

There are 3 main models of Business, Mia Gelato, Dolce & Gelato and Cafe Gelato. For more information you can fill the form below. 

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